Recognition & Accreditation

The Rector of the Paris Academy, Rector of the Ile-de-France academic region has approved PARIS COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION as a higher education establishment. Therefore, Paris College of International Education is a higher education institution recognized by the Paris Academy as degree-granting. The Rectorate of the Paris Academy is under jurisdiction of the Ministry of National Education and Youth and Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

To verify PCIE, visit French Ministry of Higher Education Database and search Paris College of International Education

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  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Child Care Education
  2. Master’s Degree in Child Care Education
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in TESOL
  4. Master of Education in TESOL
  5. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  6. Ph.D. in Education
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The French higher education system is characterized by the coexistence of several types of institutions.

There are 3 types of institutions

  1. grants établissements publics (major public institutions);
  2. grandes écoles (elite schools);
  3. administrative public institutions; private higher education institutions or schools.

Paris College of International Education (PCIE) falls under the category of the private higher education institution. The degrees obtained from the Paris College of International Education are in accordance with the Code de’l Education Articles L 444-1 a 444-11 et R 444-1 a 444-28.

How to know if the degrees are legitimate under the French Law?

Authorized by the Rector of the Paris Academy

The institution must be authorized to grant degrees by the Rectorate of Paris Academy, Rector of the Ile de-France academic region

Each program must be approved through a letter before advertising

Each program must be approved and authorized by the Rector of Paris Academy to offer and deliver it to the students. Each program such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. must be approved in writing through a letter from the Rectorate of Paris Academy. Please request to see specific program authorization and approval before enrolling in a program.

Private degree-granting institutions cannot be called as University

The private degree-granting institutions in France are not allowed to be called a “University”. Any institution that is not a public university in France claiming to be a university cannot grant recognized degrees. Your degree from private institutions who call themselves “university” is invalid, unrecognized, and cannot be legalized.