Online Degrees at PCIE
How do the programs work?

PCIE programs are offered as asynchronous online / distance learning programs. Asynchronous means that all course elements are offered to you to learn at your own pace and in accordance with your schedule not ours.

There are no classes to attend at a set time or date and while real-world workshops may be offered from time to time, attending them is not certainly mandatory for graduation.

Online distance learning means that everything you need to study a course is offered by our Learning Management System. This includes books and other materials so that you don’t need to spend any additional money to buy learning materials. There are no events to attend at the university, so you don’t need to spend your money on travel and accommodation.

How long does it usually take to complete one course?

Unlike tradtional brick & mortar institutions PCIE offers self-paced learning. In essence this means you can take as long as you want, or need, to complete each course.

Each course is designed to be completed within one month by the average student assigning a moderate amount of time to their studies. How long you need depends on how much you work on it, and it how difficult you find the individual course.

Contents and effort vary between courses. So if you find one course particularly challenging take a bit more time to fully understand it, if another is too easy do it push ahead quicker to get to your next course.

Can I study to my own schedule?

The only time table to follow is the maximum period allowed by the French Ministry of National Education for completeion of your degree.

For a Bachelor's degree, that is a maximum of eight years.

For a Master's degree, it’s a maximum of 5 years.

Will I have a teacher?

Of course you have a teacher; the teacher developed the course material, gather resources and set your assesment tasks.

The teacher will be available to you for your questions and support via email and, on your request, you may meet your teacher online, for example in a video conference on social media like Line, WhatsApp, or any other channel available to both of you.

What is the course content comprised of?

The course comprises of reading materials and videos in several course sections. Each section ends with a written test in which you must score over 60% to pass that course. You will be given three test attempts, if you fail all three attempts. you will be required to re-enroll for that class and go through all the material again.

When all course tests are passed, the Learning Management System will automatically issue a Course Completion Certificate for you to download. These Certificates are required before you can begin your Final Course Assessment, which takes the form or an academic paper or a project that covers the entire course content.

How many credits can I take per semester?

There are no credit limits per semester as we don't have semesters in the traditional sense. We do, however, limit students to taking no more than two courses per month.

We have placed this limited because even the most advanced student, dedicating the majority of their time to their studies, would struggle to truly absorb the information for three courses in a month.

While we always attempt to be as flexible as possible to accomodate for our students needs, we also have a responsibility to ensure our graduates are prepared to take on the roles their studies are preparing them for. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

What are the semesters for an online college?

As an online self-paced university, PCIE has no traditional semesters. You can enroll at any time throughout the year and begin your studies immediately.

This also means you can graduate as soon as you have completed your studies, no more waiting six or even up to twelve months for a graduation ceremony as with out-dated institutions.

In our ever changing fast-paced world Paris College of International Education strives to be as flexible as possible in order to help you achieve your goals for the future!

Is this degree internationally recognized?

All academic degrees offered by PCIE are internationally recognized through the

United Nations Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees concerning Higher Education in the States belonging to the Europe Region 1979

This convention was accepted by the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
  • United States of America
  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • The Holy See
  • Israel
  • Luxemburg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Yugoslavia
  • Any country not a party to this U.N. convention will have their own national process for verifying degrees obtained in another country. PCIE is always happy to assist our alumni in any way possbile during these verification processes.

    What kind of degree can I get online?

    In this day and age almost any degree can be obtained via distance learning(online) from a reputable college somewhere in the world..

    Here at PCIE we are presently focused on Education and Business and offer a wide range of degrees in both subject areas.

    We offer undergraduate, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master's and even doctoral degrees, at a fraction of the traditional schooling costs!

    Distance Education Questions
    Can I get a teacher's license with this degree?

    You need to ask this question to the regulatory body in your country of residence. Rules and regulations vary wildly throughout the world.

    Your degree will be internationally recognized (please see here), but even countries that did sign the U.N. Convention usually have very different expectations on what is needed for a teacher’s license.

    Can I get a work permit with this degree?

    An academic degree alone does not guarantee a work permit anywhere in the world. Rules and regulations differ wildly between countries.

    If you apply for a work permit in a country that did not sign the U.N. Convention (please see here), you will need to follow the national process to get your degree recognized. PCIE is happy to support you in any way we can, but we certainly cannot give you a guarantee.

    Are online degrees cheaper?

    Due to the reduced operating cost of not have to construct and maintain large classroom, distance education(online) degrees can be offered at a drastically reduced tuition cost that no traditional brick and mortar colleges could ever hope to match

    But it doesn't stop there! As well as saving on the tution cost you don't have the expenses of travel to and from college for holidays or accomodation and living costs while you are studying. All texts and learning materials are supplied to you digitally so no expensive textbooks to purchase that you will probably never read again.

    Esentially instead of beginning your career with a mountain of student-loan debt to pay off you can just start building a secure future for yourself immediately!

    Can you get a degree online?

    Not only can you get a degree online, but it usually is vastly cheaper and more manageable.

    Due to the institution's lower costs, e.g., no classrooms, less electricity, etc., the degrees can be offered to students at a greatly reduced tuition cost when compare to a traditional brick and mortar institution.

    Most online degrees are more flexible than traditional studies. For example, at PCIE, all our degrees are self-paced, meaning you can spend as much or little time as you wish to complete each course. And can take a class whenever they fit in your schedule.

    What degree can you get online?

    In this day and age almost any degree can be obtained via distance learning(online) from a reputable college somewhere in the world..

    Here at PCIE we are presently focused on Education and Business and offer a wide range of degrees in both subject areas.

    We offer undergraduate, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master's and even doctoral degrees, at a fraction of the traditional schooling costs!

    Paris College of International Education
    What is the best online school?

    Questions like this are very subjective because what is best for you may not be best for another. A better question might be what distance learning program best suits my needs? In order to answer that question you need to look at several factors. How well designed is the course? Is the course accredited? How expensive is the course? How well will the school support me in my studies?

    The answers to all the questions and more can be found in this FAQ but to summarize why PCIE is the best fit for anyone seeking a career in the Education or Business Administration fields. PCIE is a fully accrediated teritiary instituion offering extremely flexible and yet very comprehensive programs at all levels for prices far below anything a traditional school could ever hope to offer

    What Alan McAspie, a former student, thought.

    My recent experience studying for a degree in education with Paris College of International Education was more than successful. Not only did it allow me to develop professionally but also allowed me to mature personally as the program promoted self-regulated learning that allowed me to set short and long term goals as well as self-monitoring my progress whilst being supported by experts in the field of education.

    The affordability and flexibility of the program was the first thing that peaked my interest when choosing a program that suited my needs. As an international student, PCIE’s Bachelors of Education allowed me to study at my own pace and their state of the art Learning Management system facilitated a meaningful and successful learning experience.

    The program covered a wide range of topics relating to education with some specific topics relating to teaching English to speakers of other languages. This ranged from general education topics such as academic writing to more specific topics such as second language acquisition. Overall the course provided a comprehensive insight into education in the 21st century and expected trends in pedagogy in the coming years.

    I believe that the program provided me with a solid foundation regarding the practical and theoretical elements of working in the field of education due to the consistent support and feedback from the instructors and the ability to interact with my fellow peers in my cohort.

    From my own experience, I would highly recommend PCIE as an accessible and affordable option to attain the credentials necessary to begin working in the field of education or for existing educators to up- date their knowledge and qualifications.