Master of Business Administration in Innovation Design


Developed in cooperation with Dana Blouin from Idea Studio. This is the first PCIE degree developed bilingually in both English and Thai.

To be successful, businesses must develop products and services for today's market. Innovation Design will give you the edge to rise above the competition.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) program offers you the flexibility of combining your job responsibilities and/or family obligations while studying. The format of the program offers you the opportunity to study wherever you want and whenever it suits your schedule.

You will have no exams but to keep you focused and on track, you will submit assignments for each course. These assignments are very -oriented, focused on current developments in business, and immediately applicable to your own organization and personal aspects of life.

Program Structure

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Admission Fee: Free
Tuition Fees: Free (begin and complete each class without fees or obligation)
Assessment Fees: €1,800 (approximately €150 per class)
Graduation Fee: €190
Total: €1,990


What is Innovation Design?

Innovation Design is a wholistic process, identifying the needs of your customers or users and then designing the right product or service to fulfill that need.

This process goes beyond the fundamentals of supply and demand, allowing you to identify real issues and develop creative solutions specific for the market, increasing the chance of success.

When can I enroll?

You can start anytime. This is a distance learning self – study program which allows you to set the pace of your study within the duration set.

What is the entry requirement for the program?

1. Bachelor Degree or equivalent qualification
2. English language proficiency
3. Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent qualification for MBA top-up
4. Mature candidates aged 28 years old and above with minimum 5 years working experience at managerial position can apply

What are the required documents for admission?

Submit the document at the application stage
1. Education certificates
2. Passport copy
3. Passport size photo
4. Motivation statement to study the MBA program – 300 words minimum

Do you provide study materials?

Yes !! PCIE study materials are a combination of videos, reading materials, quizzes, assignments, and available online on PCIE LMS and PCIE phone app.

What is the assessment method of this program?

Assignment for each module and one project paper

What is the duration for the MBA top-up?

4 to 6 months

Do you provide additional learning support?

Yes, you can email your questions to [email protected] However, because our fees are very affordable and the program is designed to be a self-study based, we also offer personalized online tutor support with a fee of EURO30 an hour.

How will I get my degree?

We will send you a high-resolution electronic version of your award for FREE. You can get a printed copy together with the transcript at EURO 50 and we can send them to your address. Please make sure your contact details are correct when submitting the request. Courier charges are based on your location and to be borne by the student