Helping Hands Thailand for Host Families

Hire a maid and Help End Generational Poverty.



Mission Statement

Helping Hands Asia will break generational poverty by giving underprivileged young women an opportunity to receive a bachelors degree and travel to a foreign country while gaining valuable work experience and earning money to provide for their families and open their own businesses.

How do we help you?

  • We provide you with a full-time live-in English tutor and housekeeper who is:
    1. 1. Motivated
    2. 2. Has no criminal record
    3. 3. Has a good academic record
    4. 4. With three letters of recommendation
    5. 5. Has a genuine drive to improve their position in life!

How can you help?

  • Just by providing a job, you will give these young women a chance to:
    1. 1. Earn an international bachelor’s degree
    2. 2. Start their own business with up to 500,000 pesos
    3. 3. Change their lives forever!


How can we work together?

Break generational poverty
change anothers life
how can you help